Development, testing and initial release.

Initial development and testing.

Industry consultation in 2011 led to numerous requests for the design, development and supply of a cross platform App to streamline the compliance requirements associated with the correct and proper conduction of toolbox meetings. It was further requested that the amount of time currently being dedicated to the preparation and processing of toolbox meetings be significantly reduced along with protection against the misplacement or destruction of topic text sheets and/or the attendance signature sheets.

Furthermore, it was made abundantly clear that many organisations wanted an App that just addressed the unique requirements associated with toolbox meetings. These organisations recognised that paper based systems were ineffective/inefficient yet they did not want to get locked into all encompassing site safety software when all they needed was the toolbox module!

As a result of these discussions, a number of construction trade contracting operations (initial feedback community) entered into an agreement with UIG to assist in development of the App via feedback in relation to proposals and early version App distribution.

Proposed flowcharts of expected App operation were initially circulated to gain an understanding as to whether the App would be sufficiently featured to accommodate all requirements whilst at the same time being logically laid out and presented in such a way that it would be easy and straightforward to use. The initial usability, performance and stability aspects of the App were thoroughly tested, audited, rectified and revised.

After extensive static testing, early versions of the App, written at this point for Android only, were dynamically tested in-house by various UIG personnel throughout 2011 and 2012. This led to significant bug detection and bug fix as well as detection of numerous operational flaws/drawbacks and dead-ends. Much time was spent on streamlining the audio component of the App and ensuring that audio upload to the remote server would successfully take place under all device/network circumstances. Numerous ALPHA revisions were released in 2012/13.

One of the final pre-release modifications was the ability to match device contacts – this avoids having to enter details of a person whose details are already stored on the device.

There are no charges associated with using the standard version of the Toolbox App.


Release Versions:

Standard (Free).

The Free version consists of the App residing on the smart phone or tablet and all information being backed up and stored in the UIG cloud. External reports are sent via email to nominated personnel. There is no user access to the UIG Toolbox App server. Currently there are no charges associated with using the App.

Premium (Subscription):

Premium Subscription consists of the Free version offering with the addition of nominated staff access to UIG Cloud Storage. This will enable the generation of reports, downloading of meeting data, uploading of unique content, bulk uploading of attendee details, filtered searches etc.