UIG Toolbox Meeting App Changelog.

October 23 2015.

Users of iOS9 have been experiencing intermittent issues with meetings not uploading and meeting attendees not receiving their email reports as expected. Investigations have found certain incompatibilities which have been rectified in the form of a minor upgrade to the iOS version of the ToolBox App. Version 1.0.3 has been submitted for approval and should be available for upgrade in the next few days. This issue affects both free and premium users who are using iOS9. Other versions of iOS and all Android users are not affected by this issue.

October 29 2015.

Version 1.0.3 of UIG ToolBox Meetings App for iOS has been released to address bugs detected in iOS9.

All iOS users are encouraged to upgrade. Android users are unaffected.

August 30 2016.

Version 1.0.4 of the UIG ToolBox Meetings App has been released for both Android and iOS. Version 1.0.4 brings with it the following:

  1. Ability to download an individual meeting as a single file.
  2. Ability to download all meetings.
  3. Ability to populate Attendee data from the Web Portal, rather than requiring the Foremen to enter this data via their App.
  4. Ability to delete meeting files from a device (so that the App does not consume all storage on the device) yet still have the meeting available for review on the device via sync with files on the Web Portal.
  5. Additional filtering in relation to meeting searches.
  6. Support for organisation wide recipients – the Web Portal will allow the Administrator to enter additional recipients who will receive all Toolbox Meeting Reports – currently this was only allowed to be set via the App.

There are also numerous efficiencies and enhancements, especially in the way meetings are handled whereby not all attendees have signed (eg: left early).  As a result of these changes, the Web Portal has been upgraded.

October 19 2016.

Version 1.0.5 of the UIG ToolBox Meetings App is being prepared for release being for both Android and iOS. Version 1.0.5 brings with it the following operational enhancements:

  1. iOS enhanced background meeting upload (background means when the user locks the screen or presses the home button).
  2. 1.0.5 will not allow meetings to run without necessary permissions. If a user doesn’t have the necessary permissions the meeting won’t run but it will give the user a link to the settings page to update their permissions. This is mainly for iOS as Android grants permissions at install time.
  3. When a user loads the app, if any previous meetings haven’t sync’d to the server, they will be shown a notification that suggests possible reasons and recommended actions.
  4. If the app goes into the background iOS will notify you if it hasn’t yet finished uploading and is about to be terminated.
  5. If the app is in the background and meetings finish uploading a notification will be shown telling you the meetings are uploaded.
  6. If the app is in the foreground and the meetings finish uploading it will display an alert in the app that meetings have uploaded.

December 05 2016.

Version 1.0.6 of the UIG ToolBox Meetings App has been released for both Android and iOS. Version 1.0.6 brings with it the following operational enhancements:

  1. ‘Save for Manual Export’ Button. As perFeatures and Functions List‘: In order to address the rare circumstance where device stored meeting data needs to be extracted from the device locally (as opposed to being uploaded or simply reviewed on the device), version 1.0.6 allows premium subscribers to copy all meeting data to a folder on the device. This meeting data can then be extracted via a PC or laptop. This feature is available to premium subscribers only and has been incorporated to address the following issues: (a) example – a Safety Regulator Officer demands meeting notes be provided immediately, however, there is currently no internet access (b) network issues preventing the app from uploading the meeting data to the server, and (c) permissions on the device having been modified to deny the app the ability to upload. Using the ‘Save for Manual Export’ button does not delete meeting files from the device, therefore, once network connections become available again or permissions are returned to correct settings, meeting data will upload to the server in the normal manner.
  2. Premium Subscription – Foremen use of multiple devices. As per FAQ No. 32: As a Foreman, can I install the app on multiple devices? For premium subscribers, Foremen can install the app on multiple devices providing the correct organisation code is used and that it also matches the email address assigned within the app. Multiple licences can be used with one licence. When reviewing meeting data on a device, only meetings conducted by that device will be visible, however, all meetings conducted by the Foreman will appear in their Portal account regardless of which device was used. Upgrades to the way in which multiple devices are handled by the portal have been modified as of app version 1.0.6.


March 01 2019

Version 1.0.7 of the UIG ToolBox Meetings App has been released for both Android and iOS. Version 1.0.7 brings with it the following operational enhancements:

  1. When licenced users are using multiple devices, all of their meetings will be available for review on all of their devices (not just the device that conducted the meeting).
  2. When revoking a licence, all meetings conducted and any organisation-wide contacts via that licence will be removed from the devices that the licences were used upon.
  3. Link to new Online User Guide.
  4. Resizing of photos and signatures to correctly match screen size of reviewing device.
  5. Enhanced security.

1.0.7 is available for download now.