About Us

About Us – UIG Safe Work Apps.

UIG Safe Work Apps is a wholly owned business unit of Universal Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd (UIG). UIG has been involved in all aspects of OH&S within various construction and trade related industries for many years and it has became apparent that for many of the paper based compliance related activities which take place each day/week there simply must be a better way.

UIG Safe Work Apps was thus created to partner with and assist small business through to large multi-national organisations to streamline and improve the efficiencies, and therefore minimise expenses, associated with paper based compliance safety systems as commonly in use today.

The first release from UIG Safe Work Apps is the UIG Toolbox App as described here within this website. The UIG Toolbox App is now available and was the direct result of industry consultation, testing, feedback and constant improvement. Continuing and  ongoing further solution development, improvement and enhancement will continue to take place in partnership with those who benefit from the development undertaken so far.

We are here to help, support and work with you.

For feedback, requests, assistance and suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.